‘Don’t Look Up’ and the personalisation of crisis

How to invest in a generation lost to lockdowns

Image: Avel Chuklanov

Exploring the immediate solution vs the moonshot design

Image: Romain Gille

How the knife industry deals with the aggressive image of their products

Images: Skylar Kang, Urban EDC Supply, Denise Jans & Spyderco.

What I realised while biking from Stockholm to Copenhagen

An icon of the Anthropocene, shaped under the weight of human impact

Why jumpstarting creativity is essential in a world full of change

Image: Bernie Almanzar

How are designers helping smooth our transition from young confused adults to (even more) confused newborn mothers?

How nature helped the human world innovate

Image: Kris Mikael Krister

Solving overwhelming tasks from the backseat of a car

Image: Moheb Anwari

The Index Project

We celebrate people, from far and wide, who use design to change the world. We call it #designtoimprovelife

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